Hey senior, I'm so glad you found me! You're in the midst of a super cool time in your life, and I would love to help you commemorate it.

Wherever you are on your senior year journey, just remember these 3 things:

  1. This year goes FAST!
  2. You'll never get to experience a time or lifestyle like this ever again.
  3. This year might be your last chance to dig into the relationships you have right now - cherish them above all else!

Like I said, this year is fast and fleeting. Despite all the pressures of academic deadlines and decisions, this is a pivotal time in every senior's personal life as well. It's the beginning of the biggest social transition you've ever experienced!!

Don't forget to give yourself some time to reflect, give yourself some grace, and let yourself be fully present for the crazy year that's about to ensue.

Every senior deserves to have their fullest self captured in a beautiful, authentic way.

That's where I come in. It's time to celebrate YOU!

Pricing & Packages

NEW! Senior Platinum

Up to 3 hours
3-5 outfits
Up to 2 locations of choice
125+ images
Online photo gallery


Senior Gold

Up to 2 hours
2-3 outfits
Location of choice
100+ images
Online photo gallery


Senior Silver

Up to 1 hour
1-2 outfits
Location of choice
50+ images
Online photo gallery


Senior Mini*

20 minutes
1 outfit
15+ images
Online photo gallery

*Only offered on specific dates


Best Friends Session

1 hour per friend
1-2 outfits each
Location of choice
50+ images each

$325 per person

Cap & Gown Group Sessions

30 mins plus 20 per person
1-2 outfits
Location of choice
20+ images per person
Online photo gallery

Inquire here


What should I wear?!

The Senior Packages include 1-3 outfits depending on which you select! Wearing plain, non-distracting clothes helps to draw the attention to your eyes, and neutral colors (like white/off-white, tan, black, navy) are even better. Contact me for more specific suggestions!
(P.S. - Pinterest is a huge help ;))

What about a location?

Check out the Locations page (under About)! I've compiled a list of some of my personal favorite spots around Cincinnati. If there's another spot that's meaningful to you (or you want to try somewhere totally new to both of us), let's go! I always love an adventure!

What if it rains?

No worries - we'll schedule another date!

Do I have to plan my poses?

Don't stress over posing! I love capturing authentic moments, so I'll help guide you where I want you through natural movement. If there's a specific shot you'd like to create, let me know and we'll make it happen!