What should I wear?!

I recommend sticking to 1 outfit for your headshot session to make the most of your time. Wearing plain, non-distracting clothes helps to draw the attention to your eyes, and neutral colors (like white/off-white, tan, black, navy) are even better. Contact me for more specific suggestions!
(P.S. - Pinterest is a huge help ;))

What if it rains?

No worries - we'll schedule another date!

Do you have a backdrop?

I have several backdrops I can bring to the location (dark blue, sky blue, black, tan, red, brown & white)! There are also studios we can rent if you're interested in a different color. Check out the Locations page if a studio is something you might be interested in!

Would another location work?

Any location can work for headshots! Check out the Locations page (under About); I've compiled a list of some of my personal favorite spots around Cincinnati. If there's another spot that's meaningful to you (or you want to try somewhere totally new to both of us), let's go! I always love an adventure!