Every bride wants to find that epic gown.

There's no doubt about it - finding your wedding dress is a serious feat. Some brides take days, weeks, even months searching for the dress of their dreams. And for good reason! This is the dress you've been waiting to find your whole life. But wait - it took 3,000 gallons of water to make that dress?? How much energy did they use to make that silk?? How much carbon was emitted in the process of creating your beautiful ballgown?? The answers might shock you.

Your wedding gown is most likely going to be one of the most excessive purchases of your life. If you're anything like me, the idea of making such a substantial environmental impact with a dress you'll wear one time is a bit unsettling. I don't want to walk down the aisle dripping with guilt. There has to be an alternative!!

Lucky for us, there is.

There's no reason you should have to compromise your dream dress in the name of sustainability.

As the world has evolved, we've evolved with it. There are now hundreds of places to find a dress which fits your sustainability preferences. From vintage to organic, the options are endless! Here are just a few of my personal favorite finds.



Etsy is a great place to scour for hours for your perfect dress! There are thousands of Etsy shops offering vintage finds, custom eco-friendly dresses, and more. Many dressmakers are able to customize your dress to your size and preferences!


Still White

Still White is currently offering over 60,000 preloved dresses!! Filter your search with color, silhouette, fabric, size, price, etc. to find the perfect dress for you. They also contribute 1% of all revenue to carbon removal!


Find vintage & antique stores near you!

Arguably the most fun option, finding the diamond in the rough is SO satisfying!! Do some research to find out which stores near you offer vintage gowns, take your friends, and have a blast!!


My favorite thing about secondhand dresses:

Even if the dress you find isn't exactly what you're hoping for, the price point will likely be much lower than a brand-new dress. This leaves you the opportunity to tailor it into your dream dress!!


Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall's designs are as impressive to the eye as the environmentalist. These dresses are all produced locally in NYC and sourced ethically. They're all made of natural fibers which can decompose naturally, and the scraps are all recycled with FABSCRAP. Check them out to read more and feast your eyes on some gorgeous designs!


Pure Magnolia

Pure Magnolia designs dresses with sustainability as their prime focus. Their values, as listed on their website, are as follows: Responsible sourcing, Locally-made, Natural fabrics, Reducing waste, & Fair wages.

Can't beat that!! Check out their website to view their beautiful designs and read more about how they're prioritizing the environment through their practices.


Dressarte Paris - Custom Made

Ok - this one freaked me out at first. Dressarte Paris uses digital designs to display their gowns, giving some major Sims energy. But it's all in the spirit of waste reduction!! Rather than producing a slew of dresses which end up unworn, Dressarte Paris uses their digital collection to preview designs and allow brides to customize exactly to their liking. So cool!!


It's not easy being green... unless you have some amazing options like these! Keep me posted on your sustainable snags by tagging #meilertsustainability on social media. I can't wait to see what you find!!