Hey there!

I'm Margaret - an Ohio-based photographer, momma to my sweet 3-year-old Aubrie, and student at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music studying Music with minors in Entrepreneurship and Environmental Studies. Sounds chaotic, right?! I love it. I have created a life full of things I love and couldn't be happier with the path I've chosen.

I had the best teachers growing up - my incredible parents - who taught me how to not only find, but to bring out the beauty in everything I see. This lesson has impacted my life in a multitude of ways, including my photography. This "attitude of gratitude" and appreciation for the beautiful moments in life is something I cannot wait to pass along to my own daughter.

All seriousness aside, I am an adventure addict!! I love discovering new secret spots and hidden gems everywhere I go, and I'm up to try just about anywhere or anything you have in mind. Have a crazy idea you want to try? Let's get messy and make it happen!! I would be thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to help you make it a reality.

More About Me!

  1. I'm obsessed with the Enneagram (I'm a 3w2!)
  2. I'm a Mezzo-Soprano and I play violin
  3. I love to thrift & upcycle!!
  4. I'm vegan!
  5. I have two younger siblings - Daniel & Sophie
  6. I used to work as a princess... literally :)
  7. My favorite vacation spot is Elk Rapids, Michigan (basically my second home at this point)
  8. My favorite movie is Princess Diaries 2!
  9. The Bachelor franchise is my guilty pleasure
  10. I have at least 4 different pints of Ben & Jerry's in my freezer at all times